Date: Saturday 28th January 2017

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Lichfield Street

Doors Open: 4.15pm - 6.15pm

Tickets: Donations to the artists


Arun Kapur


Adventurous, enigmatic, Maverick wander luster of life. Born resident in Wolverhampton, love to take on life and give my all. Passion runs through my veins and heart on sleeve. Been writing since I started university at and still writing at the age of 26, with much more to come. Also work in the media industry as a film/ television support artist. Creativity runs through my veins and aim to reach the top. Involved also in other fields including radio presenting and social work,  I believe strongly in helping others.


Brief description of poetry - my work is based on real life situations that people have found themselves, and what they think of the situations they are involved In. All a form for someone to be able to speak outloud.


Will be reading from his book The Blindside Memoir.


Abda Khan


Abda Khan is a Solicitor of 25 years, and more recently a writer. In writing her first published novel, Stained, she has drawn inspiration from her work with women from the British South Asian and Muslim communities; she has seen and dealt with the problems faced by many of these women, some of which are explored in the novel. She was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, and is the daughter of immigrant parents who came to the United Kingdom from Pakistan in the 1960's. She now lives and works in the Midlands; she runs her own law firm, and is married with children. Other than writing, Abda loves travel, yoga, baking and music.


Will be reading from her book Stained


Romalyn Ante


Romalyn Ante grew up in Lipa City, Philippines. She migrated to the UK at 16 years old. She has  been recently commended in Creative Future Literary Awards 2016 and has prize winning poems in Rethink Your Mind 2015. Her poems appeared in various literary magazines in the UK, USA, and South East Asia. She's been a member of Room 204 Writing West Mindlands. She is also a current recipient of Dynamo Mentoring Scheme (Nine Arches Press). When she's not writing, she works as a nurse and a counsellor in Wolverhampton.


Romalyn is reading poems about her native land, migration, and family. She will also read poems that reflect the fragility of life inspired by her work as a nurse.


Sarbjit Kaur


Based in Birmingham , UK, Sarbjit Kaur is an Art and Reiki practioner, Community Artists, poet and Teacher. She mentors, provides supportive spaces, uplifts and empowers as well as leads meditation and Reiki sessions.  She enjoys empowering individuals through creative workshops and lectures. Her work is often political and deals with social issues. Her main medium at present is sculpture; she works with clay to explore aspects of male bias in various cultures. Currently Sarbjit’s artwork looks at girl-child neglect in South Asian cultures, especially Punjabi culture. She expresses the conflict between Sikh egalitarian normative views and the operative beliefs that are practiced culturally. Her writing often takes the form of poetry and she expresses her journey of discovering the Self, as well as sharing personal stories and observations of the world. A lot of her writing takes a more spiritual form, where she shares her  connection with the Great Unknown. Photo Benji Reid


Martin Shone


Martin Shone has a mop in his hand by day and a pen at night. He's a school cleaner and a poet who also writes the occasional short story and is in the final stages of editing his children's novel.


He has self-published two books of his little musings called Silence Happens and Being Human which are available to buy from or Amazon.


"If a butterfly can change the weather, then our smiles can change the world."

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